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What clients are saying:

“Engaging. Didn’t feel like a lecture – actually resonated with my actual life, very practical application”

“…incredible, you are very passionate about this and enabled a great learning environment – dynamic”

“…fantastic instructor, and was well versed in a variety of business insights”


Participants in Executive Education courses value practical delivery of what they need to know, and what they need to do with that new knowledge when they return to their workplace.

Courses regularly delivered by Tom include:

  • Corporate Ethics: Justifiable or Just a Joke?
  • Internal Consulting Skills Series:

    - Foundations of Internal Consulting Skills
    - Building Credibility for Internal Consulting
    - The What and How of Internal Consulting

  • Leading Change
  • Making the Case for a Business Case
  • Managing Projects Without Projects Managing You
  • Persuading People and Influencing Decisions
  • Strategic Human Resources Planning
Email: info@tomhorvath.com  •  Phone (321) 217-1781