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What clients are saying:

“…wonderful speaker… took a dry topic and made it fun yet informative”

“Very motivational. You leave with a belief that you CAN!”

“…very engaging, real and relevant! Loved it!”


Appreciated for his passion and insight, Tom (Tom's bio) delivers a powerful but practical message always focused on the “take away” for each audience member. Always engaging and though provoking, keynote speeches become lasting “ah-ha” learning transformations.

In addition to customized keynotes designed to meet prescribed client learning objectives, some of Tom’s most requested public speeches include:

Why I Didn’t Jump
From searching for a way out in the torrent waters that swirled beneath the bridge to the graveside service a few short days later, listen to a story of perspectives confronting the realities of life yesterday and tomorrow - while providing hope for seizing today.

The Integrated Life: Exposing the Myth of Work-Life Balance
A “successful” life has been defined by some to be one where “balance” is achieved between life and work. But why do so many of us struggle in what can seem to be a never ending battle to find balance in our lives? Is it a battle that can ever be won? Is living a “balanced” life a myth? Is there a better way?

Managing the Millennial Generation – R U Ready?
They are the hottest commodity in the job market since Rosie the Riveter. They have always felt sought after, special, needed and indispensible. They are your next hire. They are the future of your business. They are here – they are the Millennial Generation.

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Economic Gardening – The Entrepreneurial Approach to Economic Development

Community development can be achieved in a variety of ways, but sustainable economic development is best when it is “home grown”. Smart civic leaders and decision makers are adopting the principles of Economic Gardening and the practice is emerging as a cohesive framework of proven techniques that both challenge and compliment conventional wisdom in the field.

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