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What clients are saying:

“…outstanding job handling a very difficult discussion…”

“Excellent facilitator with a very genuine, easy going approach”

“…warm, dedicated and very genuine. Can’t help but like him, and he definitely knows his stuff!”


We are a business advisory firm that believes the surest road to success is well-marked by fundamentals - in life and in business. Nothing fancy, no elaborate schematics or complicated models. The clients we work with are after practical answers and ideas that they can put to work in their business NOW.

Many consulting organizations are committed to a particular discipline or solution, which they then "force" onto every situation they come across. It is the "if I have a hammer, everything I see looks like a nail" syndrome.

We believe that each company and its situation is unique. And we apply our areas of expertise to help diagnose what needs to be done, why and how.

And then, if you like, we will roll up our sleeves and work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to help get it done.

But the most important thing we do is seriously think about your business as if we were owners. We do that thinking in the context of our collective backgrounds and experience.

Our multi-discipline business consulting is focused on three organizational fundamentals: - Strategy - Talent - Execution

We believe every business leader has a unique story, a unique situation. We don't know how - or even if - we can serve you until we have an opportunity to listen to your story. And we consider listening to your story an honor. Please contact us by email or phone to arrange a listening meeting over a cup of coffee at your convenience.

Email: info@tomhorvath.com  •  Phone (321) 217-1781